About Us

Owner Mark Johnson works on tinting a skylight inside a customer's home.
  At Shaded Days Inc., business is conducted the old-fashioned way. At the age of 16, owner Mark Johnson began tinting windows out of his parents’ garage, never expecting it to become a career. But as he became skilled at his trade, he began attracting attention for the quality of his work. After college he began contacting dealerships in the affluent North Shore Chicagoland area, looking to expand his craft.

Through word-of-mouth, high-profile automobile retailers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Land Rover, to name a few, began requesting his services. Now, over a decade later, Shaded Days Inc. has been trusted to install window films on some of the finest homes and vehicles not only in the North Shore, but throughout the Midwest.

A Ferrari after having its windows tinted by Shaded Days
Shaded Days, Inc • 28835 Herky Drive, Suite #105, Lake Bluff, IL 60044 • (847) 816-8468sales@shadeddaysinc.com