While You Wait

There are several things you can do locally while waiting for your car to be serviced at Shaded Days, Inc.

  1. Across the street is Lake Shore Harley Davidson dealership - you can check out the bikes and accessories.
  2. Download a map to the Old School Forest Preserve, which is across Rt. 176. The North Shore Path runs right next to Shaded Days and runs through the Old School Forest Preserve as well.
  3. Visit Lambs Farm, just a short walk down the North Shore Path. The N.S.P. is directly across Rt. 176 from Shaded Days.
  4. Fatman Bowl - Sports Lounge & Bowling Lane is next door to Shaded Days, Inc, you can bowl a game while you wait!

Useful Links

Here are some other websites with information we have found to be useful and/or other business we recommend:

  1. State of Illinois' New Tinting Law
  2. Illinois House Bill 3325 Tinting Law discussed on Facebook
  3. Tinted Windows Certification in Illinois (PDF)
  4. Window tint legal in Illinois, but Chicago drivers getting big fines
  5. Court Battle Brews Over Tinted Car Window Laws (CBS Chicago)
  6. Killer Speed Zone - Mike's Automotive Service & Offshore Boat Repair
  7. Lake Shore Harley Davidson - across the street from Shaded Days, Inc.
  8. Fatman Bowl - Sports Lounge & Bowling Lane is just down the street from Shaded Days, Inc
  9. Home Safe Homes - Home Safe Home provides solutions to make your home safe for children and seniors.
  10. For those you that have lost, stolen or otherwise missing front lisence plates, Try this. Apply for a damaged plate replacement. Permit is good for one year and should cost around $6.00.

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