Residential Solar Control Films

Let’s face it, when you purchase a home, you are making a huge investment. So why not protect that investment by having window film installed in your house?

This virtually invisible window film rejects up to 79 percent of solar energy, letting you keep the heat inside your home during the winter, and outside during the summer. Not only will you save on your energy bills, but you will also protect your furniture and valuables from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. LLumar’s patented window film has the industry’s strongest and most durable scratch-resistant coating. While it is specially formulated to resist scratches, it is also surprisingly simple to maintain because it can be cleaned with household products.

Looking for a little added security? Then ask us about LLumar’s Magnum Window Film. This thin film is made of polyester and a metallized coating, which forms a defensive “barrier” to help contain shattering glass and minimize damage caused by vandals or even natural disasters. As with all of our window film installations, our residential installations come with a manufacturer’s warranty.